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Fat Loss Procedures in El Paso

When stubborn fat persists, even after extensive diet and exercise, reducing that fat can be incredibly difficult to do. El Paso Body & Skin Care utilizes the latest and greatest in technology that can help you get rid of that stubborn fat once and for all. The Contoura device for fat loss is an innovative way to shed weight.

Where Does Fat Build Up On Your Body?

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Fat can build up in virtually every part of our body, but it is more prominent in certain areas such as your abdomen, thighs, and upper arms. When you undergo treatment for fat loss, you want to make sure you go with a treatment that can target various parts of your body. Otherwise, you may get stuck only being able to treat certain areas and can miss out on the full effect of fat loss treatment.

Why Does Fat Build Up?

Fat can build up because of many reasons, including obesity, poor diet and inadequate exercise, certain diseases like diabetes, and many more. Scientifically speaking, fat is stored fat cells. By the time you reach adolescence, your body has developed all of the necessary fat cells. As you age and grow, your fat cells expand and contract, depending on the amount of fat within them. This is what causes you to gain weight and look bigger.

How Does the Contoura Device Work?

The Contoura device uses radio frequency to target and reduce fat within the cells so you can effectively lose weight. A funny thing about fat loss is that you can’t target specific areas just with exercise, unlike popular belief. For example, celebrating “Leg Day” at the gym won’t necessarily mean the exercise you do is reducing the fat specifically in your legs. The truth is: it may or may not. But with the Contoura machine, you can accurately target specific areas.

This device comes in three different models, including the Contoura BodyFX, MiniFX, and the Plus. The different sized devices make it easier to target different areas of your body. The BodyFX can be used to reduce fat in your thighs, hips, abdomen, and butt. The MiniFX can be used to treat stubborn fat in your knees and arms while the Plus is used to tighten skin, including the skin on your face and abdomen. With the Contoura machine, you can look and feel great!

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