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The Benefits of Body Contouring with Contoura

woman holding blue meter with hands near waistline, isolated on summer sky and sea backgroundSummer is right around the corner and if you’re like many of us, you’re working on getting summer-ready. Proper diet and exercise can help you get the body you desire—but sometimes, it simply isn’t enough. Body contouring is an innovative, safe, and effective way to get the body you desire. At El Paso Body & Skin Care, we offer body contouring with the Contoura Device for Weight Loss. Here are a few of the benefits.

Benefit #1: No Surgery Required

Typically, when one hears “body contouring,” they think about getting surgery. But surgery can be costly, painful, and often comes with a steep recovery, meaning you’ll need to take time off from work and from your daily life. Body contouring with the Contoura Device is different. For one, it doesn’t require surgery, meaning there’s no downtime or pain experienced with the procedure. Treatment with Contoura is administered in a series of 30-minute intervals, so you can come in during your lunch break and since there are no side effects or downtime associated with it, you can head straight back to work right after.

Benefit #2: Don’t Worry About Lasers

Laser treatments are often painful, scarring, and come with crazy side effects. The Contoura Device doesn’t use any lasers. Instead, it administers radiofrequency via a vacuum-like device to various areas of your body, such as your abdomen, arms, thighs, and hips. The radiofrequency destroys fat cells and tightens skin, so you can look and feel great. Plus, the process is painless. You may feel light tugging and mild heat as it is administered, but it shouldn’t be painful. This means you can see the results without having to deal with pain or discomfort.

Benefit #3: Quick Sessions

Unlike other procedures, you won’t be stuck in our office for hours undergoing an invasive procedure. While you’ll have to come into the office multiple times to complete the series, we’ll make sure the process is quick, so you can get back to work, school, life, what have you quickly.

Benefit #4: Works Well with Dieting and Exercising

Sometimes, when dieting and exercising, it’s hard to lose that last bit of weight. Body contouring with the Contoura Device combined with a good diet and regular exercise can help you obtain the body you want in time for bikini season.

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